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Kerala Paal Payasam Recipe

The Payasam is a sweet dish made with rice, milk and sugar or jaggery. It is usually served on feasts or on special days. The Pal Payasam (pal means milk) looks good, smells good and tastes terrific! 



Kerala Kalan Recipe

Kalan is a very traditional Keralite dish prepared using yogurt, coconut and vegetables. It is always a part of Onam Sadhya. Now let us learn how to prepare Kalan using this easy Kalan recipe. 


Kerala Sambar Recipe

Kerala Sambar is different from the typical Sambars made in the other South Indian states. Kerala Sambar is made using a mixture of different vegetables whereas the other sambhar is made using a single vegetable.  


Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe

A delicious chicken curry, goes well as a main curry with Rice, Pulao, Kerala Parotta, Appam, Idiyappam, Rotis, Ari Pathiri … and also without coconut paste / coconut milk.


Kerala Mango Pickle Recipe

Pickles are a common accompaniment in every Indian meal and they are served in small quantities to enhance the meal. You can make pickle using fruits and vegetables and the most common are mangoes,lemon,carrot,cauliflower etc. Today I am sharing a simple and spicy recipe of kerala mango pickle. 


Kerala Beef Fry Recipe

Kerala Beef Fry recipe has hundreds of variations. It basically varies from region to region. Some people call Beef Fry as Beef Ularthiyathu while others call it as Beef Olathiyathu/Ulathiyathu. Whatever be the name or recipe followed for Beef Fry, the common approach is to Marinate and Cook the Beef and then Pan Fry till the beef is completely dry. Traditionally, Coconut Oil and Coconut Slices are used for the Nadan Beef Fry Recipe. I normally skip Coconut Slices but if you want the authentic taste, don’t skip the slices.


Kerala Avial Recipe

Aviyal is a very famous Kerala Dish made using vegetables and fresh coconut paste.

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